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The Durban EDGE
February 2022

The office occupancy rate in Umhlanga has increased by 88% over the 10-year period between 2012-2021.

Umhlanga has been a preferred office destination for some time because of its upmarket properties and amenities around the area. In square meters, occupancy in this commercial node also grew by 213 000 sqm from 242 699 sqm in just over a decade.

At the same rate of growth (7% per year), Umhlanga (499,669 sqm) will overtake Durban CBD (620,257sqm) as the largest office node in Durban by 2028.

Umhlanga has also displayed the highest growth when compared to all other office nodes in the country, according to SAPOA’s office vacancy rate reports.

The office space grew by 96% over the decade. The major growth in this node is also due to new developments which are modern and secure, making Umhlanga appealing to corporate companies.

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