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The Durban EDGE Team
May 2022

This graph is a representation of building plans approved per region in March 2021 vs March 2022. There was an increase of 4,4% in the number of building plans approved during this period. The Outer West had the highest increase in the number of building plans approved; this is 27,6% of total plans approved followed by Inner west with 17,8 %.

The number of residential building plans approved in the Outer West more than doubled (from 18 to 40) in March 2021 vs. March 2022. The residential category in the Outer west also had the highest value of building plans approved, which is 41%of total value of plans approved (R1,6 billion). This increase is a clear indication that residential developments are taking place in the Outer west and surrounds, and this has the potential to further boost economic growth in the City.

In order to facilitate the rebuilding of the economy, the submission of a plan is not required for rebuilding of flood damaged buildings, provided that the re-build remains unchanged and in accordance with the previously approved building plan. The Building Inspector must be contacted for clarity if required.

For further information on flood damaged building repairs, contact Ivy Modisane on 031 311 7197 or email ivy.modisane@durban.gov.za and cc daniels.pentasaib@durban.gov.za

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